Health & Fitness Is Brewing…

At Craft Health Co we are on a mission to promote health, fitness and general wellbeing within the craft beer community. Afterall, its about balance right?

For many years, Jed & Mike (founders of Craft Health Co) have been practicing this methodology and as time passes the craft beer industry continues to innovate and produce the goods and therefore we think is crucial to do so with our health & fitness! We are hear to educate, motivate and inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves!

So, what have we been doing?

Connections & Partnerships
In recent months, the team at Craft Health Co has ramped up our efforts to build connections with breweries, industry professionals and craft beer enthusiasts all over the world to communicate our message and concept. The response has been overwhelming and its fantastic to see so many organisations and individuals keen to get on board and work with us!

Furthermore, by making these connections & partnerships with brewmasters and breweries globally, it boosts our research into health challenges and fitness habits within the industry. These insights will greatly assist with Craft Health Co’s educational materials and future, bespoke programs.

Booze & Balance
Our signature weekly episode, where we select a “beer of the week” and pair it with useful health and fitness tips that can be applied to a craft beer drinking lifestyle. If you are a brewery and would like us to feature a particular beer in our ‘Booze & Balance’ series, please send us an email at contact@crafthealthco.com.

Mobile App Launch
The Craft Health Co app is now live in the App Store and Google Play Store! After much hard work, we have finally received approval for our mobile app, which is available for download now. Our first programme will be delivered via the app, so watch this space!

Events (Past & Future)
As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we held our first event back in July, putting our mission into practice with “Hike to Hiker,” a 7km nature hike coordinated with Hiker Brewing Co. This gave craft beer lovers a way to break a sweat and then enjoy a beer or two at a hugely upcoming, new local brewery. More collaborative events with local breweries are well in the works.

Prior to this, the team at Craft Health Co attended our first GABS event, held at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre, the first of many! Next on the list is Crafted Beer Festival which will be held on the second weekend of September at Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. Thanks to @journeywithmim for hooking us up with some tickets via his competition!

6 Week Program
The first ever 6 week health & fitness program for Craft Beer Drinkers is starting on September 25th 2023. It combines strength training, endurance, and nutrition to help people achieve fitness goals like losing weight, building muscle, and increasing endurance, all while still enjoying craft beer. Workouts lasting under 45 minutes and tailored for any fitness level will be provided 3-5 days per week along with nutrition guidance. The entire program will be delivered via our new App and we cant wait to get started!

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Free Video Course
If you want to learn the secrets to losing weight and getting fit without sacrificing your social life and love of craft beer – look no further!

We have just launched our free 20-minute video course that will teach you everything you need to know. In just 6 short videos, you’ll discover the truth about how weight loss really works, why you can still drink alcohol and lose weight, and how to build muscle and drop pounds while still enjoying a vibrant social calendar.

The course is packed with practical, realistic tips from the team at Craft Health Co. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

6 WEEK program STARTING 25/09/2023

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