Black Hops Partners with Craft Health Co for Safe Work Month

Black Hops & Craft Health Co – Prioritising Health, Fitness & Safety

Black Hops Brewing organised a different health and safety event for employees each week of Safe Work Month. People & Safety Manager Dan Shane was the driving force behind it all and did an awesome job in securing presentations from various organisations to educate & motivate staff to participate. On the 27th October it was Craft Health Co’s turn!

Jed Riddy from Craft Health Co came on site and gave a presentation to Black Hops staff on several fitness topics relevant to hospitality workers. The informative and interactive talk covered:

• Booze & Balance: Achieving Your Fitness Goals Without Giving Up Drinking
• Fads Of Fitness: What (And Who) To Avoid
• Hospo 101: Putting Together The Best Health And Fitness Routine For Hospitality Workers

We even had some brave volunteers get up and demonstrate some basic core exercises!

What is National Safe Work Month?

National Safe Work Month is an annual campaign held each October across Australia. Its purpose is to promote safe and healthy workplaces across the country.

Work-related injuries and illnesses affect individuals, families, and communities. According to Safe Work Australia data, approximately 169 people died whilst working in 2021. There were also around 130,195 serious workers’ compensation claims filed in 2020-21.

More can be done to improve these concerning statistics. By working together, businesses, employers, and workers can make a real difference. During Safe Work Month, all Australian businesses and workers are encouraged to participate. The campaign aims to foster a culture of safety and wellbeing in workplaces nationwide.

6 Week Fitness Program

Craft Health Co recently ran a pilot 6-week health and fitness program and were fortunate enough to have 3 members of the Black Hops team on board! The program has recently finished and feedback received to date has been extremely positive and has yielding some fantastic results for those that participated. It was the first of its kind and this has to be encouraging news for craft beer drinkers across Australia!

This successful partnership is just the beginning – as at Craft Health Co we hopes to continue working with Black Hops to run other events that motivate patrons towards healthier lifestyles. In the new year, we will be running a new & improved 6-week programme and welcome anyone that wishes to lose 5-10kg without giving up craft beer to join along! There will also be an opportunity to win a years’ worth of beer! CLICK HERE to register your interest.

Nothing Better Than A Fresh BH GOAT!

The team at Craft Health Co were thrilled to visit Black Hops Brewing’s impressive Biggera Waters facility as part of their National Safe Work Month schedule. Mike and Jed from Craft Health Co were treated to an insider’s tour of one of Australia’s largest craft breweries, and even got to sample fresh Black Hops GOAT beer straight from the production line!

Looking ahead, Craft Health Co aims to partner with breweries across Australia. We will soon launch a partnership programme to collaborate on health and fitness initiatives nationwide. If your brewery is interested in teaming up with Craft Health Co, please get in touch! We are eager to work with more breweries to empower communities towards better health, fitness & wellbeing.

6 WEEK program STARTING in jan 2024!

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